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This is also a great way to decorate a picnic table or patio table and add a touch of sophistication. 

Besides personalised table runners, we also have durable outside placemats for sale, all available in bulk: romantic wedding placemats for tables, laminated cloth dining table placemats, festive christmas theme placemats, washable cotton garden table placemats, high quality decorative linen placemats, etc. Please feel free to browse our placemat series for ideas, information, and desktop solutions.


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Placemats Selection-Shape, Size

Placemats Selection-Shape, Size
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It is a wonderful way to dress up a picnic table or patio table and add a touch of sophisticated style when you use decorative placemats. If you are a rectangle lover, these high-quality placemats are your best choice. Usually, the most common size for rectangular placemats is 12 inches wide x 18 inches long. We will provide sincere service and elegant products if you are interested in our placemats for sale.

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